Ambition, innovation and creativity


Desyde is a leading provider in the field of process optimization and IT. Desyde is an Oracle Gold partner, since 1993 we have an extensive expertise in Oracle and Java technology available. We are an enterprise with ambition in which innovation, creativity, collaboration with customers and independence are essential. Desyde guarantees the delivery of quality!

Desyde supports its affiliates with the analysis, enhancement, optimization and further automation of (internal and external) business processes. This continuously enables the relations of Desyde to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible in an ever changing environment and they can therefore take full advantage of the possibilities of the latest technological developments.


Desyde is a company that supports organizations through projects and product development, maintenance of applications and databases based on SLA’s and the posting of temporary deployable employees. In addition, we have extensive experience with the implementation and installation of the products developed, database and application software, and we provide the service and maintenance on databases of over eighty customers, if requested 24/7. Through close collaboration with Oracle Netherlands, Desyde can have a managed high-end enterprise environment and we can offer this environment at a keen price in our ISO-27001 secured datacentre. 


We perform our work in the industries of financial services, trade and logistics, telecommunications, media and of course the (semi-) government.


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