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With the Colo Hosting service Desyde offers its own server (or servers). The virtual servers are based on the virtualization software market leader VMware. The VPS platform on which virtual servers run is placed in a secure hosting center, where conditions are optimal for this equipment. Desyde can have its own application (s) to install on the server (s), to make then available to end users via the Internet or an internal network.


With Colo Hosting Desyde offers the user the ability to turn Permit with the following services:


·         Permit-base: management, helpdesk and second line support

·         Standard Test, Acceptance and Production environment (TAP)

·         Secured VPN connection

·         Advantageous -embedded- Oracle licenses

·         Shared Services:

·         Central storage specific Permit Versions

o    Silent Install Files for Oracle Software

o    Customer Specific shielded folder structure (TAP sections)


·         GRID Control Management Oracle processes:

o    Monitoring,

o    Rman Backup,

o    Patching

o    Restore Configuration


Desyde therefore offers these benefits:


·         No hardware purchase

·         Always professional support during office hours

·         Always up- to-date

·         Easy adjustment or expansion of services

·         Complete management of Permit and Oracle environment

·         Full Oracle software licensing at the lowest possible cost

·         Complete application system

·         Fixed monthly fee

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