Managed Hosting


With Managed Hosting service Desyde provides a server(s) on which Permit Plus and the e-portal service is delivered. The virtual servers are based on VMware (the virtualization software market leader). The VSP platform on which the virtual servers run is placed in a secure hosting center, where the conditions are optimal for this equipment.

The service availability is guaranteed per server. The backup of data is done with an advanced backup-to-disk method, where the data is stored geographically separated.


Desyde provides with managed hosting the following services:

·         Permit-Plus Base: management, helpdesk and second line support

·         E-portal: through the e-portal parking products may be requested and processed automatically.

        The processing proceeds in real time! The e-portal uses DigiD to make it safe and reliable

·         Standard Test, Acceptance and Production environment (TAP)

·         Secured VPN connection

·         Advantageous -embedded- Oracle licenses

·         Shared Services:

o    Central storage-specific Permit-Plus Versions

o    Silent Install Files for Oracle Software

o    Customized shielded folder structure (TAP sections)


·         GRID Control Management Oracle processes:

o    Monitoring

o    Backup

o    Patching

o    Restore

o    Configuration management


Desyde therefore offers these benefits:

·         No hardware purchase

·         Always professional support: 24/7

·         Always up-to-date

·         Easy adjustment or expansion of services

·         Full management of Permit-Plus Basic and Oracle environment

·         Full Oracle software licensing at the lowest possible cost

·         Complete System

·         Fixed monthly fee

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