The Permit® Parking Suite is a fully integrated parking solution, the various modules are seamlessly connected. The various components can be delivered as an integrated solution or as separate modules.


One integral solution

The Permit® Parking Suite offers the possibility to realize all common parking spaces without depending on one provider. Parking is wholly owned by the municipality and parkers are not obligated to join an external organization, next to parking the extra cost will be charged. From one integrated solution, the customer can choose which modules are required, all parking-related tasks can be performed.


Permit® Parking Suite offers besides permittivity of the following components:



Through the E-portal parking space or products can be requested and automatically processed. The processing is real time! By using DigiD or E-Herkenning (for businesses) this processing is safe and reliable, and can be used by all the residents.


Standard connections

Permit has standard interfaces with RDW, SVHP, Enforcement, GBA, Finance, 'the broker', document management systems.


Dynamic permits

This module provides the ability to have a license that’s effective only after activation. Enabling dynamic authorization via a transponder card, GSM (mobile) Internet or Voice Response Systems.


Local GSM parking

This cost-neutral solution achieves the ability to facilitate GSM parking. You decide what additional costs you charge to the parker.


Pay per minute

This module, suitable for on- and off-street parking, makes it possible to base parking fees on the period actually parked with your existing equipment.



It's no problem for license holders to use car parks with the Permit Suite. The cost for parkers is handled by their own garage system. The other products, such as subscribers, are handled by Permit.


The private City pass / visitor

By linking with existing ticket vending machines, it is possible to realize your own city pass or visitor. In addition to local existing solutions, such as a loyalty program for SMEs, can be seamlessly integrated.

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