Permit© is the vertical solution for all parking permits in one generic system!



Permit is a real-time, digital system suitable for issuing parking permits and exemptions, but also suitable for car parks, parking lots and festivities. Desyde has managed to develop a system that allows municipalities and private service providers to configure all the necessary parking permits, and manage issuing these permits.



Permit has a very extensive configuration module that allows all types of parking permits to be defined and configured. For each type of permit specific features, rates and processes can be defined. This allows municipalities to improve their field of work with our software and expand their services.


Municipalities are thus able to fully integrate their parking products with their standard back office systems (all enforcement software, financial, GBA, KCC, DMS and E-portal). It’s an unattended E-portal which takes complete care of your parking products!


Permit has been developed based on Java and Oracle technology. The system runs on the Oracle database and is web-based. The starting point is an integrated platform that is one hundred percent available and can always be consulted. Desyde places high demands on integration and interfaces with third parties that are based on open standards (Stuf). New rules can be updated or already prepared for future use at any time, by authorized personnel.


Review information is real time available for inspectors with handheld terminals. Management information is obtained quickly and efficiently. The information is more specific, allowing better control for an organization. The vision of developing Permit is based on the symbiosis of business and information technology. Combining technical and market-specific expertise and the flexible design is the basis of success of Permit.


One integral solution

The Permit® Parking Suite offers the possibility to realize all common parking products without depending one provider. Parking is wholly owned by the municipality and parkers are not obligated to join an external organization, next to parking the extra cost will be charged. From one integrated solution, the customer can choose which modules are required, all parking-related tasks can be performed.



No additional external "running" costs, central location for all parking products and therefore funding is equally central, possible reduction of FTEs, less money garnish. Revenues in advance.


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