License plate

With Permit it is possible that the permit requested will be issued based on the license plate. For example, the base or year Permit can be issued on several plates.


Furthermore, it is possible to allow short-term parking with Permit using the license plate. The motorist checks the license plate to a parking meter and pays. He no longer needs to walk to his car to put the ticket behind the windscreen. Parking attendants can see with enforcement devices if the parking is paid for. 

With Permit-Plus real-time parking is possible based on the license plate. With this, only the actual time parked is paid for. This can be done with: an 'app', SMS, online using the e-portal or with IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

License Plate Parking is another step in the digitization of parking certificates. Privacy is guaranteed because the registered license plates are used exclusively for checks and enforcement. The plates are digitally recorded to check if the parking is paid for with the registered license plate at the specific location and time. The warden only sees if the requested registration in the database is valid with a simple yes or no.

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