With Permit, it is possible to release all forms of licensing. By means of a pass issued by a municipality, it is possible to record digital Permits of all different sorts. By linking with existing ticket vending machines, it is possible to realize your own city pass or visitor pass. In addition to local existing solutions, such as a loyalty program for SMEs, can be seamlessly integrated.


Based on these possibilities, GlOssy was set up by the Municipality of Oss and Desyde. A City pass with which: you can park, dispose of garbage, go to the library and more. To register who can park free and who should pay, at the time it is opted to combine several functions in one pass. The municipal officials already had a pass with which they had access to the town hall and to this pass the parking registration was added.


The official parks the car in the morning and lets the reader scan his pass. With this simple act, he/she has registered there parked car. The parking data is registered in Permit. Furthermore, it is possible to link a (parking) pass with all possible sorts of permits, such as visitor-, scratch-, daily-, weekly-, monthly- and bus cards.

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