KPN and Desyde work together to digitize the municipal parking policy

Citizens want today to arrange their affairs as much as possible online, even with their municipality. Still, in more than half of the Dutch municipalities people still have to go to the town hall to apply for a parking permit. "There is another way," said Paul Meyer, Manager Operations at Desyde. This ICT Company provides municipalities a complete solution for online application and issuance of parking products.

The Gemnet KPN network Local Government plays a key role. For several years Desyde provides, under the brand Permit, a software package that allows municipalities to issue and handle parking permits and -waivers completely online.


To support for example parking enforcement Permit can be linked to the systems of the RDW, enforcement, GBA, financial and document management systems. "This, of course, requires a secure connection. There are several solutions, but Gemnet network of KPN Local Government has our preference. It is a highly reliable and flexible network with the highest security, which has a good reputation in many municipalities. Moreover, in fact, all municipalities are already connected to the Gemnet network."


Quickly switch

"KPN Local Government is just a very solid party to work with. We can quickly switch, both at operational level and in the communication. This enables us to serve a growing number of municipalities.”

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